Alternative Links


Informational Sites/BARF Sources


Cold River Veterinary Center

Natural Rearing - Marina Zacharias

Nutrition by Betty Lewis, RVT, Dr. A.N. - Paws & Reflect

Midwest BARF Buyers Group (Minneapolis/St.Paul)

Why We Don't Feed Puppy Food To Great Danes

Top 50 Most Asked BARF Questions

The BARF Pictorial

The Complete Dog Diet - Dr. Charles Loops, DVM

Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s books at Dogwise - Give Your Dog A Bone - (search for Billinghurst and all his books will come up)

Raw Learning - Jane Anderson

RawMeatyBones - Dr. Tom Lonsdale

Zuccaro’s Produce - Veggies, Natural Pet Food/Supplements - Mark & Stacey Huerth (Minneapolis/St.Paul)

 Raws for Paws - BARF Source (Swansons - Minneapolis, MN)

Anderson Produce - Anderson’s K-9 Cuisine 

    Ross Wells, Inc. - Medford, WI - Kris Brown picks up from them and     brings it to Maplewood or East Bethel. Check out her link with more info.

Green Tripe

Big Dan’s Trucking - Beef

Great Dane people who feed a Raw/Natural Diet


Claudia Baker - Dorado Danes

Barbara Bristol - Fort Worth, TX

Eyota Danes - Tammy Kinkade

Monarch Dalmations & Great Danes - Betty & Heather Carroll

Delta Breeze Danes - Barbara Moffett

DeWitt's Court Great Danes - Brent & Leigh  DeWitt

Sherrie Dorn

Eastwood Great Danes - Kim Eastwood

Esquire Danes - Cynthia Carlson

Colleen Frey

Sue Goetzke - Minnesota

Goldmyne Great Danes - Sharon McCrary

Ann Heinrich

Hladik Great Danes & French Bulldogs - Sharon Hladik

Keymaster Danes - Alison D. White - Washington

Mary Ann Land - Minnesota

Legend's Great Danes - Dana Perry

 Lysis Great Danes - Lynette Sisemore

 Much Ado Great Danes - Joanne Kimball

Lookout Danes & Springers - Robin Mohrmann

 Watership Danes - Mandi Kehoe

Mythical Danes - Sonja Benjamin

Nickel Danes - Brenda Tobin

Von Otto's Great Danes - Sherri Otto

Dawn of the Danes - Dawn Ruhl

Sixstar Danes - Rachel Cawley

Sterling Great Danes - Sterling Moffat

Avalon Danes

Jaya Great Danes - Jody Loop

Sandy Hann - Von Shrado Great Danes

Shebang Great Danes - Charity Davis

Starlight Great Danes - Lynn

Vali Hi Great Danes (Natures Farmacy) - Jeanette Pickett

Waccabuc Great Danes - Betty Lewis

 Shakira Great Danes - Teri Williams

Xcel Danes - Lisa McIntosh

Summer Meadow Great Danes - Kerrey Donaghy-Purvis

Honi Vale Great Danes - Joan Weiss - Minnesota



Great Dane Breeders outside of the United States


Allyndane Perm. Regd. - Lisa Dias - Alberta, Canada

Bayridge Reg'd Great Danes - Deborah Schenher - Saskachewan, Canada

Blackstrap Great Danes - Annette Gauthier/David Banco - British Columbia, Canada

Cilka Kennel - Irena Kucera - Manitoba, Canada

LaChristinadane - Christine Drolet/Marco Lamontagne - Quebec, Canada

LaDoguerie - Michele Valois - Quebec, Canada

 Sunglo Great Danes - Vicky Lanyon - British Columbia, Canada

Tanglewood Great Danes - Karen Saunders - Canada

Von Hapsburg Danes - Sandra Brigola - British Columbia, Canada

Nobel Herzensbrecher Kennel - Johanna Riskilä - Finland

Glückskind - I'm not sure of the country, sorry.