Informational Sites

Links for Great Dane Owners who feed and/or treat their Great Danes alternatively

Raws for Paws

Minnesota Raw Buyers is a group of people in the Minneapolis Metropolitan area that orders food products once a month at a discount.  Now it is called Raws for Paws.

Our BARF Yahoo Group is MidwestHealthyDog

Anderson Produce

Anderson Produce - We can also purchase from Anderson Produce where we first started out. Go to this link and read the instructions and see the product for the current month. You can go any day during the week and get what you need. Just call ahead first, like the directions show.

Pierce Equipment - Source for food grinders - This is where we got our grinders. Scroll 1/2 way down the page and see the one we have now. AE-G12SS. We started out with the Maverick, but this is a much bigger grinder and takes a lot less time to grind a 40 lb. box of chicken.

Cold River Veterinary Center

Natural Rearing - Marina Zacharias

Nutrition by Betty Lewis, RVT, Dr. A.N. - Nutrition Explained

Green Tripe

Green Tripe Article - Whole Dog Journal

Why We Don't Feed Puppy Food To Great Danes

Top 50 Most Asked BARF Questions

Aunt Jeni's

The Complete Dog Diet - Dr. Charles Loops, DVM

Raw Learning - Jane Anderson




Great Dane People who feed a Raw/Natural Diet


Claudia Baker - Dorado Danes

Barbara Bristol - Fort Worth, TX

Sandy Brandt - Houston area, TX

Pam Curl - (raw, whole pry model diet)

Eyota Danes - Tammy Kinkade

Monarch Dalmations & Great Danes - Betty & Heather Carroll

Delta Breeze Danes - Barbara Moffett

DeWitt's Court Great Danes - Brent & Leigh  DeWitt

Dogma Danes - Neil and Amy Gardner Dean, Youngsville, NC

Sherrie Dorn

Eastwood Great Danes - Kim Eastwood

Esquire Danes - Cynthia Carlson

Colleen Frey

Sue Goetzke - Minnesota - Minnesota Raw Buyers

Goldmyne Great Danes - Sharon McCrary

Ann Heinrich - Wisconsin - Minnesota Raw Buyers

Jackie Herman - Ace-Hi Great Danes - Iowa

Hladik Great Danes & French Bulldogs - Sharon Hladik

Melody Jacoby - Jacoby Danes

Kristen Kenney - Minnesota - Minnesota Raw Buyers

Keymaster Danes - Alison D. White - Washington

Foto Danes - Bev Klingensmith - Iowa

Mary Ann Land - Minnesota - Minnesota Raw Buyers

LMGD Danes - Kristi Brown

Legend's Great Danes - Dana Perry

 Lysis Great Danes - Lynette Sisemore

 Much Ado Great Danes - Joanne Kimball

Christine McNally - Morningstar Danes - California

Lookout Danes & Springers - Robin Mohrmann

 Watership Danes - Mandi Kehoe

Mythical Danes - Sonja Benjamin

Nickel Danes - Brenda Tobin

Von Otto's Great Danes - Sherri Otto

Dawn of the Danes - Dawn Ruhl

Sisco Danes - Kim Felix (only) - Oklahoma

Sixstar Danes - Rachel Cawley

Sterling Great Danes - Sterling Moffat

Avalon Danes

Jaya Great Danes - Jody Loop

Sandy Hann - Von Shrado Great Danes - (Click on the links for BARF in the column)

Shebang Great Danes - Charity Davis

Starlight Great Danes - Lynn

Vali Hi Great Danes (Natures Farmacy) - Jeanette Pickett

Waccabuc Great Danes - Betty Lewis

 Shakira Great Danes - Teri Williams

Xcel Danes - Lisa McIntosh

Omega Danes - Megan Irons (see Links page)

Belmar Great Danes - Ila Minton

Wildcliff Great Danes - Tracey Spillane

Old Mission Danes - Stephanie Blades

Matt Boudinot - Minnesota - Minnesota Raw Buyers

T and T Great Danes - Kate Jackson

Liege Great Danes - Nancy Hall

Georgia Gilham - Gilham Great Danes - California



Great Dane Breeders outside of the United States


Allyndane Perm. Regd. - Lisa Dias - Alberta, Canada

Bayridge Reg'd Great Danes - Deborah Schenher - Saskachewan, Canada

Blackstrap Great Danes - Annette Gauthier/David Banco - British Columbia, Canada

Cilka Kennel - Irena Kucera - Manitoba, Canada

LaChristinadane - Christine Drolet/Marco Lamontagne - Quebec, Canada

LaDoguerie - Michele Valois - Quebec, Canada

 Sunglo Great Danes - Vicky Lanyon - British Columbia, Canada

Tanglewood Great Danes - Karen Saunders - Canada

Von Hapsburg Danes - Sandra Brigola - British Columbia, Canada



Nobel Herzensbrecher Kennel - Johanna Riskilä - Finland

Glückskind - I'm not sure of the country, sorry.