Mary Ann and Denny Land

If you are interested in seeing our Great Danes, you can go to the
Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club Homepage (HMGDC) by clicking on the link below. Then click on Member's Links, then click on our name.

We feed a raw diet to our Great Danes. To learn more about that, click here BARF Diet.

 There is a list on the Alternative Links page, of many other Great Dane owners from all over the world, that feed their Great Danes the same way.  There are other links on that page to help make the process a little easier to understand.

 Alternative Links/BARF



North Shore

Scottish Fair


Natural Health

Zeli's Photos

Minnesota Orchid Society

Irish Fair

Sarah's Wedding

Tom's Wedding

O'Clair Family

Ford Insurance

Patty's Website

Denny Land


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