February - 2000

January 2010

Gail and Keith Danielson

DMS & 5E Translators

Lin Schuldt, Scott, Gary Davison, Jane Walker

DMS Translators

Jim Mueller

1A Translator

Chad Haines - Supervisor

Bobbi Hurmi

AXE Translator

George Scheinhost

AXE Translator

Jim Lunn - DMS10/5E Translator

Greg Lunzer

5E Translator

Joan Latvala

5E Translator

Hi!!! (Joan Latvala)

Jo Hovland, Judy Geppert, Mary Ann Land, Joan Latvala, Greg Lunzer

5E Translators

Gary Davison and Mary Ann. It must have been awards day!

Judy Geppert

5E Translator


5E Translator

Loni Norton, Cathy McNaughton

5E Translators

Mary Ann Land

5E Translator

Rich Brown, Sue Nelson

Tech Support and 5E Translator

Mike Amundson

5E Translator

Tom Nelson

5E Translator

Kim, Carole Fisher, Bobbi Wagner

5E Translators

Kim Trauernecht

5E Supervisor

Pam Ladd

5E Supervisor


5E Supervisor



George and Jaycee Mathews

DMS 100 Translators

Paul K.

DMS100 Translator

Judy Foreman

1A Translator


Complex Translations - November 2008

This photo was taken to show translators retiring because of the closure of Qwest Communications Complex Translations here in Minnesota. This was from an announcement of their retirement party.

Click on the photo above for a larger version.

Starting with the top row: Terry Pinski, Bev Schaffer, Mike Amundson, Nancy Lees, Judy Geppert, Cathy McNaughton, Carole Fisher, Deb Kunde, Tim Meyer, Robin Stewart, Lori Reichert, MikeLong, Frank Kniebel, Paul Hanson, Judy Maul, Jane (Walker) arton, Ruth Ford, Kim (Martinson) Terhurne, Betsy Decker, Shelly Hogan, Bernie Stinske, Mark Caspers, Rich Brown and Becky Calderon. (Rich and Becky are missing in this photo)


Jeanette- Clerk



Sherri - Clerk